DOMA Art Foundation was started in 2012 by Martina Stefanova and Doychin Kotlarov.

The mission of the Foundation is to implement valuable projects and attract the attention of the audience to culture, art, architecture and urban development, to provoke cultural exchange and interaction between local and foreign artists. 

One of the main projects of the Foundation is the DOMA Art Festival, which happens every year and promotes cultural exchange by inviting guest artists from a different country each edition. In 2013, the Festival chose to put the focus on was South Korea, in 2014 it was Russia, and for the 2015 edition of the Festival, it will be dubbed Nordica. This is a term, inspired by the art of Northern Europe, confederating Denmark, Iceland, Norway, FInland and Sweden into one imaginary country.  

Apart from the Festival, the Foundation aims to produce and support different projects for Urban Development, and improve accessibility in the city, through a campaign for 24-hour public transportation, as well as esablish a a creative cultural center in the underpassage of the Central Railway Station in Sofia - UnderGara; enhancement of the areas near metro stations, and other initiatives that have to do with the better appearance of the city.